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The kinds of things I get to deal with.

The kinds of things I get to deal with.

Trump supporters be like…

Trump supporters be like…

#Cville2DC marchers pledge to fight white supremacy in all its…

#Cville2DC marchers pledge to fight white supremacy in all its forms after 118-mile journey

More than 250 marchers completed a 118-mile journey from Charlottesville, Virginia, to the nation’s capital on Wednesday. A core group of faithful marchers walked a third of the length of Virginia, a former Confederate slave-holding state, to speak out against racial hatred.And their spirits remained high, even as it rained when they crossed into Washington. Read more.

the-real-eye-to-see: L’Oréal Paris has dropped its first…


L’Oréal Paris has dropped its first transgender model from a campaign after she faced criticism for remarks about institutional racism.

The beauty brand said Friday on Twitter that the comments made by Munroe Bergdorf were “at odds” with its values and had decided to end the campaign with her.

Some on social accused the transgender model of being racist, while others applauded the stance that she took against institutional racism and said that L’Oréal had gone against the diversity that it purported to support.

odinsblog: Yes, these are real life Nazis, and NO, we aren’t…


Yes, these are real life Nazis, and NO, we aren’t going to defeat them with “love and tolerance

OTHER LIES you will be hearing from Nazi sympathizers: 1. you should respect a Nazi’s freedom of speech (NO—nobody owes respect to racists or Nazis and hate speech that incites violence is not protected under the 1st Amendment) 2. you’re no better or “the same” as them for fighting back (WRONG—this false equivalence would make the side who believes in genocide and enslavement “just as bad” as the side trying not to be the victims of genocide and enslavement) 3. hate breeds hate (NO—injustice, oppression, racism and generations of systematic discrimination is what breeds hate) 4. “both sides” are at fault (WRONG—this is another false equivalency that treats the aggressor, James Alex Fields, as innocently as the victim, Heather Heyer) 5. “Burning the Confederate flag or destroying Confederate monuments are acts of violence, just as bad as violence against people” (NO—that’s asinine and you’re an idiot if you believe that false equivalence, property ≠ people) 6. it’s just a “difference of opinions” and everyone has a right to their opinions (NO—dehumanization, anti-Blackness, antisemitism, Islamophobia, ablism and trans/homophobia are not harmless opinions; they are tools for systems of oppression, and NO, you do not have to blindly give respect to Nazis who are seeking to destroy others for being their innate selves)

Many of these are obviously false equivalencies, but what they all have in common is they essentially tell you not to resist, and eternally turn the other cheek and “love” the people attacking or oppressing you

It’s like this: Nazis support genocide. They actively support racism and racial discrimination. They literally believe in a “master race”. Their end goal is to either destroy or subjugate all non-white people. Nazis and white supremacists are a cancer to humanity. If you discovered that you had cancer, you wouldn’t try to love or tolerate it or anything else—you would immediately begin doing everything in your power to eradicate it. There is no such thing as having an acceptable amount of cancer. Nazis and white supremacists need to be treated like the cancer they are

And please pay close attention to anyone who uses vague “both sides” language to avoid assigning blame to anyone, or worse, ask you to “try to understand” the Nazis’ side, as if the only two sides aren’t right vs. the side the Nazis are on: evil

The federal government had a plan to combat right-wing violence….

The federal government had a plan to combat right-wing violence. Trump axed it in June.

  • As outcry continues to mount over Trump’s comments, an outstanding question for many Americans is one about policy: What, if anything, will the federal government do to help combat far-right white extremism?
  • The Obama Administration had implemented at least the beginnings of such a plan but, in late June, Trump’s Department of Homeland Security eliminated a federal grant of $400,000 for Life After Hate, a nonprofit working to de-radicalize neo-Nazis and white supremacists.
  • The decision received only minimal attention at the time, but has now been thrust into the limelight as Trump’s comments on Tuesday raise renewed questions over how his administration will respond to the violence which directly led to one death and 19 injuries in Charlottesville over the weekend. Read more (8/16/17)

VA’s lieutenant governor blasts Trump’s “deplorable” rebuke of…

VA’s lieutenant governor blasts Trump’s “deplorable” rebuke of Charottesville counterprotesters

  • On Wednesday, Virginia Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam strongly condemned Trump’s Tuesday remarks equating anti-racist counterprotesters with the violent white nationalists.
  • “They were deplorable,” Northam said of Trump’s comments. “White supremacists and neo-Nazis came to Charlottesville for violence. There’s no question about that. And for the president to say there were ‘different sides’ [responsible for] this — there was only one side, and that was the white supremacists that came into Charlottesville.”
  • Northam, who is running for Virginia governor on the Democratic ticket, said Trump revealed “his true colors” when he suggested a moral equivalency between the far-right demonstrators and what Trump termed the “alt-left.” Read more (8/6/17 4 PM)

Trump’s talking points from Tuesday night’s off-the-rails press…

Trump’s talking points from Tuesday night’s off-the-rails press conference mirror that of the far right almost exactly. 

The far right and white supremacists are overjoyed with Trump’s…

The far right and white supremacists are overjoyed with Trump’s press conference

  • Leaders of the far right responded with praise for Trump. A sample:
  • • “Trump’s statement was fair and down to earth,” tweeted Richard Spencer, an alt-right leader.
  • • “Great press conference by Trump,” tweeted an account that says it works to preserve “Western culture and people.”
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  • • “Thank you for condemning the alt-left antifa thugs who attacked us in Charlottesville,” tweeted @BakedAlaska, a popular far-right account.
  • • “In putting equal blame on the violent alt-left, Trump is more honest than the entirety of the mainstream media,” tweeted InfoWars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson.
  • • On the website of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, a blogger wrote: “It took a great deal of courage for Donald Trump to condemn the violence perpetrated by what he called the ‘alt-left.’”
  • These comments show that far-right leaders felt a sense of vindication and legitimacy after the president’s comments. 
  • Accustomed to widespread derision from across the political spectrum, white nationalists took Trump blaming “both sides” for violence in Charlottesville as a win. Read more (8/16/17)