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This nude, all-male production of ‘Hamlet’ is giving Shakespeare…

This nude, all-male production of ‘Hamlet’ is giving Shakespeare an unexpected body-positive twist

  • Hamlet is having a moment in 2017. The latest, and perhaps most revealing example: 
  • Torn Out Theater’s “nude, all-male, body-positive” outdoor production  being put on in Manhattan’s Central Park and Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.
  • Why Hamlet? “I have been asking myself that question for a month,” director Pitr Strait said in an interview. “We wanted to follow up The Tempest with something that addressed body image and body positivity for men. … We wanted to tell a story about being yourself even when everyone in the world is telling you not to. And once we realized that, like it or not, Hamlet tells that story.” Read more (8/8/17)

Trump supporters coax Delta and Bank of America into pulling…

Trump supporters coax Delta and Bank of America into pulling donations to free Shakespeare plays

  • Since Trump’s election, conservatives are outraged on behalf of Trump — at Kathy Griffin, at the New York Times and at various others who offend the sensibilities of the president’s fans. 
  • Their next target: free Shakespeare plays.
  • Delta Air Lines and Bank of America are dropping their charitable donations to the Public Theater in New York City after Fox News drummed up outrage over a summer production of Julius Caesar.
  • In the production, characters are stylized in modern garb, and the portrayal of Caesar, who is assassinated in the play, has drawn comparisons to President Donald Trump.
  •  The outrage is over what conservatives assert is portrayal of the president being killed.
  • The production of Julius Caesar is part of New York’s celebrated Shakespeare in the Park series, which puts on plays featuring celebrity talent for free.
  •  By pulling funding from the Public Theater, they stop subsidizing access to world-class performances for poor and working-class people. Read more (6/12/17)