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President Donald Trump has apparently grown so irate over the…

  • President Donald Trump has apparently grown so irate over the media’s dogged coverage of the investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia that he’s literally started yelling at his television, according to the Associated Press.
  • “Trump advisers and confidants describe the president as increasingly angry over the investigation, yelling at television sets in the White House carrying coverage and insisting he is the target of a conspiracy to discredit — and potentially end — his presidency,” the AP reported.
  • This was a particularly angry Friday for Trump, who earlier seemed to publicly accuse Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein of being complicit in the “witch hunt” to discredit him. Read more. (6/17/17, 12:04PM)


Not to mention, Comey would have had to made up those memos he…

Not to mention, Comey would have had to made up those memos he wrote months in advance, as he met with Trump, in case he was fired.

Also, one of these men has credibility and one is proven a liar on a weekly basis.

6 key takeaways from the James Comey hearing on Trump and…

6 key takeaways from the James Comey hearing on Trump and Russia

1. No one told Comey to end the Russia probe. The former FBI director said President Donald Trump and other officials never asked Comey to end the investigation into possible Russian hacking during the presidential election. Comey also confirmed Trump was not personally under investigation.

2. Comey said Trump pressured him to not investigate national security adviser Michael Flynn. As Trump asked other top officials to leave him alone with Comey, the former FBI director told the committee he was thinking, “I knew something was about to happen I needed to pay very close attention too. … Why would you kick everybody out of the Oval Office?”

3. He refused to say whether he believed Trump obstructed justice. Comey took Trump’s “let it go” comment about the Flynn investigation “as a direction.” Comey highlighted that Trump’s comment came the day after Flynn was fired. He also revealed, for the first time, that Flynn was under criminal investigation.

4. Comey tried to force the creation of a special counsel. He told the committee that he directed a Columbia Law School professor to leak the contents of his memos to a journalist to raise the chances a special counsel would be appointed. Mic confirmed this account.

5. The testimony was personal. Because of “the person” he was speaking with, Comey said he felt compelled to take notes after any conversation with Trump. He had not done that with two previous presidents. “I was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of the meeting,” Comey told the committee. “I was so stunned by the conversation that I just took it in.”

6. Trump never asked about or tried to intervene in other FBI investigations. While stating the FBI runs thousands of inquiries simultaneously, Comey said the Flynn investigation was the only one Trump took a particular interest in. The statement was revealing because it demonstrated the president was focused solely on the Flynn inquiry. Read more (6/8/17 2 PM)

James Comey testifies before the Senate Intelligence…

James Comey testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee

  • “The explanations, the shifting explanations confused me and increasingly concerned me,” Comey said of his firing. Trump’s subsequent reasoning for firing him “were lies, plain and simple.”
  • “It confused me when I saw on television the president saying that he actually fired me because of the Russia investigation and learned again from the media that he was telling privately other parties that my firing had relieved great pressure on the Russia investigation,” Comey said.
  • Comey also confirmed that at the time of Flynn’s firing — when Trump asked Comey to “let this go” — Flynn was under criminal investigation. 
  • In yet another bombshell moment at the hearing, Comey said he took meticulous notes about his interactions with Trump because he was concerned Trump “might lie about the nature of our meeting.”
  • Comey worried Trump sought something amounting to quid-pro-quo in order to keep his job.
  • Comey testified, under oath, that he worried Trump had called him to the White House in order to get something in return for keeping his job. 
  • “My common sense told me that what’s going on here is he’s trying to get something here for granting me the chance to stay in my job,” Comey said. This is a developing story (6/8/17 10:45 AM)

James Comey to testify Donald Trump asked him to “lift the…

James Comey to testify Donald Trump asked him to “lift the cloud” of the Russia investigation

  • James Comey will tell the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday that Trump asked him to end an investigation into Michael Flynn, as well as to “lift the cloud” of the Russia investigation.
  • Comey is prepared to make those comments in his opening remarks before the Senate Intelligence Committee, which published Comey’s prepared statement on its website Wednesday afternoon.
  • In his opening statement, Comey will say he had “nine one-on-one conversations with President Trump in four months” — and outlines five of those conversations he says “may be relevant.” Read more (6/7/17 3:30 PM)

Trump reportedly tried to have top intel officials shut down…

Trump reportedly tried to have top intel officials shut down Comey’s Russia investigation

  • Trump asked Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats for his assistance in throwing James Comey off of the agency’s Trump-Russia investigation the  Washington Post reported, citing anonymous officials.
  • According to the Post, Trump allegedly asked all officials present at a March 22 meeting, besides Coats and CIA Director Mike Pompeo, to leave the room before he proposed Coats intervene with Comey to cool off on the Russia investigation. 
  • Coats later determined it would be inappropriate for him to do so. The Post report did not mention whether Trump had made a similar request of Pompeo, or if so, how he responded. Read more (6/6/17)

Former AG Alberto Gonzales: Comey testimony “could be…

Former AG Alberto Gonzales: Comey testimony “could be damaging” to Trump administration

  • Former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales says former FBI Director James Comey’s impending Senate testimony could be bad news for Team Trump — but the public has only heard one side of the story so far.
  • “I think politically it could be damaging to the Trump administration,” Gonzales said of the former FBI director during a Monday interview on Sirius XM’s Patriot Tonight show. “[But] I think it’s a far cry from any kind of legal repercussions for anyone in the Trump administration. That’ll be the responsibility of a special counsel to get to the bottom of,”
  • Comey is set to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday. Read more (6/6/17)