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Single men talk about women as objects to be tricked into sex with them. As trophies.

Married men talk about their wives as burdens on them limiting their lives.

Fathers talk about their daughters and possessions that can be tainted.

All men recoil in disgust at the thought of menstruation or natural body hair on a woman.

The only real conclusion is that men don’t like women and don’t think of them as people.

Prove me wrong.

Men might like women individually…. But sometimes I wonder how they feel about us as a whole.




a strong brave or warlike woman; a woman who exemplifies heroic traits.

In Catalonia, women hope to build a feminist republic

In Catalonia, women hope to build a feminist republic:

I don’t agree with the socialist angle they’re supporting, but I of course appreciate the movement against sexism and for equality.

Will adding more women to Border Patrol help the agency shed its…

Will adding more women to Border Patrol help the agency shed its reputation for violence?

  • In April, Carla Provost — who’d been sworn in as deputy chief of U.S. Border Patrol just five months earlier — became the agency’s acting chief, making her the first woman ever to hold the position.
  • At an event Tuesday honoring the 42nd anniversary of women joining the agency, Provost had a message for the women in attendance: There is no better time to be a woman on the force, but there are still far too few of them.
  • “We have to do a better job,” she said, according to the New York Times.
  • The Times reported that women only hold 939 of Border Patrol’s 18,276 agent positions, accounting for just 5% of the agency. But for those who worry about Border Patrol’s lengthy history of allegations of excessive force and sexual violence, diversity in the agency isn’t exactly a top concern.
  • “Integrating women into this organization doesn’t change the fact that its policies negatively impact the lives of women across the world. It simply means women will participate in that process,” Kim Tran, the executive publisher at Third Woman Press: Queer and Feminist of Color Publishing, told Mic via email Friday. “That’s the limit of reforming a body with this specific goal.” Read more. (7/29/17, 11:38 AM)

Women beer drinkers finally get the Beer for Her they never…

Women beer drinkers finally get the Beer for Her they never asked for

  • Put down your man beers, ladies: Aurosa Beer for Her is here — because apparently all those other beers were “for him.”
  • What does it mean for a beer to be “for her”? According to the website: “Aurosa is a representation of a woman’s strength and a girl’s tenderness. The two contrasting tempers, present in the female essence, are depicted through the elegant design yet the strong, unfiltered taste. Aurosa was born to prove that women can succeed anywhere without having to adapt and sacrifice their natural femininity. Women have been disregarded in the beer industry but owing to determination and faith in herself, Aurosa is set to redefine the perception of beer.”
  • The brainchild of Martina Šmírová, Aurosa is a semi-dark lager that comes packaged in a shapely imitation marble bottle — pleasing to the feminine eye! Read more. (7/22/17, 11:18 AM)

Jessica Williams takes down the patriarchy in ‘The Incredible…

Jessica Williams takes down the patriarchy in ‘The Incredible Jessica James’ trailer

  • Jessica Williams has been on the brink of minor stardom for years. Now, after serving as a correspondent on The Daily Show and co-hosting the popular 2 Dope Queens podcast, it looks like she’s ready to make a major career leap with The Incredible Jessica James.
  • In a new trailer for the film, which hits Netflix July 28, Williams’ charismatic, happily single character attends a baby shower and presents an unborn baby with a book titled The ABCs of Subverting the Patriarchal Paradigm.Between this and her character’s takedown of manspreading in the show’s teaser trailer, it looks like The Incredible Jessica James will have a take-no-prisoners approach to sexism. Read more. (7/14/17, 5:04 PM)

24 states have no laws against female genital mutilation. Here’s…

24 states have no laws against female genital mutilation. Here’s why that needs to change.

  • Under a series of new laws signed Tuesday, Michigan became the 26th state to place a criminal ban on female genital mutilation, or FGM, according to NPR.
  • The new legislation imposes a prison sentence of up to 15 years for those found guilty of performing FGM, and doctors who carry out these procedures may have their operating licenses revoked, NPR reported.
  • The laws come shortly after a Michigan doctor was federally charged for performing FGM procedures on multiple young girls.
  • While many anti-FGM advocacy groups across the country are celebrating Michigan’s new legislation, the laws also shed light on a grim statistic: 24 states have no laws banning FGM. Read more. (7/14/17, 10:49 AM)

“Ain’t I a Woman” March is a response to the whiteness of…

“Ain’t I a Woman” March is a response to the whiteness of January’s women’s marches

  • Imani Mitchell didn’t go to January’s women’s marches, but when she watched YouTube videos of the one held in Sacramento, California, she noticed something striking: overwhelming whiteness. And she wanted to do something about it.
  • A month later, Mitchell and a group of other black women formed Black Women United, a Sacramento-based nonprofit dedicated to the “education, protection and advancement of black women.” On Saturday, the organization, of which Mitchell is now president, will hold its first big event: “‘Ain’t I a Woman’: The Black Women’s March and Rally.”
  • “I think in many ways we are a response to the Women’s March back in January,” Mitchell said in a phone interview Thursday. “By no means are we in opposition to the march — we’re definitely in addition to it. We just want to continue the conversation and focus on black women.” Read more. (7/14/17, 10:01 AM)

It’s the status quo to blame women for defending…

It’s the status quo to blame women for defending themselves and then for allowing ourselves to be victims.

Woman kicked out of pool for wearing “inappropriate”…

Woman kicked out of pool for wearing “inappropriate” one-piece bathing suit

  • “There are a lot of teenage boys in this complex, and you don’t need to excite them.”
  • That’s what 20-year-old Tori Jenkins says she was told by a leasing consultant at Smoky Crossing apartments in Seymour, Tennessee, after being forced to change her bathing suit, cover up or leave the complex’s pool, according to a viral Facebook post by her fiancée, Tyler Newman.
  • “I have never really witnessed sexual harassment and/or ‘rape culture’ until today with Smoky Crossing Apartments,” Newman wrote after the incident Tuesday. 
  • “Today my fiancée was told that she is less important than how men feel around her. That Tori is less important than a man’s urges to be sexual towards her.” Read more. (6/24/17, 5:26 PM)