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Women in Computer Science – WTF fun facts 

As we watch Trump spit on the G7 summit becaus…

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Super Vagina, away!

Super Vagina, away!…

I don’t really do Twitter, but I’m a photographer and do Instagram pretty actively.

So many moms and women I see on that platform describe themselves first as wives and mothers.

And they are.
And I’m sure they’re proud of it. I am.

But who THEY are is second.
How they describe themselves is as who they are in association to other people in their lives.

I made the conscious decision about a year ago to include that I’m a wife and a mother on my bio, but after I describe who I am first.

I think so often as women we can feel guilty if we don’t first identify ourselves as wives and mothers. Like, if that’s not the leading and most important thing about us we’re selfish and bad at those roles. That we’re putting ourselves ahead of our families in the worst ways. (Even though men aren’t held to those same standards.)

Being married, tying yourself to another person, is so, so important and special.
But I’m guessing that person didn’t fall in love with you because you were with them with them. Because of your relationship title.

It was your talents, your dreams, and your quirks that they loved.

Let the world see you as those who love you do.

Being independent doesn’t mean you can’t be in a committed relationship… Can’t be a good parent. Being an independent and accomplished individual makes you better at those things.

Embrace your silver vixen.

Embrace your silver vixen.

itsnotjustpms: What if we were like SEAHORSES…


What if we were like SEAHORSES?!? <3 <3 <3

But seriously why are the dudes always the prettiest animals but when it’s humans, it’s gotta be the ladies?



Single men talk about women as objects to be tricked into sex with them. As trophies.

Married men talk about their wives as burdens on them limiting their lives.

Fathers talk about their daughters and possessions that can be tainted.

All men recoil in disgust at the thought of menstruation or natural body hair on a woman.

The only real conclusion is that men don’t like women and don’t think of them as people.

Prove me wrong.

Men might like women individually…. But sometimes I wonder how they feel about us as a whole.

uppityfemale: Men are so often mocked for act…


Men are so often mocked for acting too much like women.
I remember the single act that really got me thinking about the quiet, engrained, and socially sanctioned sexism in our society was a man mocking his friends.

A man working at Home Depot saw some of his buddies working down a specific aisle and he called down to them in a ribbing and “I love ya so I’m going to insult you” manner, “hey ladies! Why don’t you get to work?!”.

He called them ladies. Like, a man being a lady implies he’s weak, slow, unable to work, and a whole host of negative imagery.

Another example I can think of I have personal experience in is during football season… A man I know calls the Vikings the “Viqueens” when they play his favorite team. Again, feminizing them in order to bring them shame and to show their inferiority.

No one uses being manly as an insult except when it’s being directed towards a woman to imply she’s not feminine enough to be pleasing to look at or trying to take a man’s place in whatever she’s doing.

Women in America undoubtedly have more opportunities and more rights than we ever have before. But it’s this undercurrent of thought that women and femininity is the lesser of things to be.
It is weak.
It is frail.
It is inferior.
It is subpar.

It is because men, and women too, are taught these things, not overtly… But very subtly, that women have less opportunity.
They don’t deserve harder jobs because they can’t really handle them.
They don’t deserve higher wages because they don’t do the job as well.
They don’t deserve my vote because they’re too emotional or irrational.
If they’re being strong or though it’s obviously an act/for show because women aren’t strong and tough.

Sexism isn’t always a slap on the ass by a stranger.
Sometimes, sexism is the worldview of those you love most.

A refresher.