I don’t really do Twitter, but I’m a photographer and do Instagram pretty actively.

So many moms and women I see on that platform describe themselves first as wives and mothers.

And they are.
And I’m sure they’re proud of it. I am.

But who THEY are is second.
How they describe themselves is as who they are in association to other people in their lives.

I made the conscious decision about a year ago to include that I’m a wife and a mother on my bio, but after I describe who I am first.

I think so often as women we can feel guilty if we don’t first identify ourselves as wives and mothers. Like, if that’s not the leading and most important thing about us we’re selfish and bad at those roles. That we’re putting ourselves ahead of our families in the worst ways. (Even though men aren’t held to those same standards.)

Being married, tying yourself to another person, is so, so important and special.
But I’m guessing that person didn’t fall in love with you because you were with them with them. Because of your relationship title.

It was your talents, your dreams, and your quirks that they loved.

Let the world see you as those who love you do.

Being independent doesn’t mean you can’t be in a committed relationship… Can’t be a good parent. Being an independent and accomplished individual makes you better at those things.