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WATCH: Terry Crews Isn’t Afraid To Rock The Man-Purse

I fucking love Terry Crews.

He’s been so outspoken about toxic masculinity and it just gives me so much hope

Terry Crews is everything good and right with our world. 

This was the moment I knew I would always love Terry Crews. Because he is shown a picture of himself with his clutch, and he says, “Women have the best ideas.” He does not go into a sloppy explanation about he’s “manly enough” to carry a purse. There’s no “I am a real man” horseshit dropped here. What he says is “Women have the best ideas.” And the rest of the story is basically, “I want to carry my own shit, and my wife always carries a purse with her own shit, so I got a purse for mine.”

Like, this is equality 101. You want to carry your own shit, grab a purse. There should be no judgement for carrying your own shit. 

Terry Crews does not need our protection, but we must protect Terry Crews at all costs.

I also love how he doesn’t have to call it a “man bag”. He doesn’t have to try to change it to make it acceptable enough or “manly” enough.