I've voted republican about half the time…

I've voted republican about half the time. I'm a lawyer who is about as easy going as they come. Love animals. Love life. But, in all my years, I don't think I ever "genuinely" hated someone as much as I hate Trump. He is a very hard person to like, yet there are the 33 percentors that love him. How? How can you love a con man, fake, cheat, narcissistic, dysfunctional loser? How? I don't get it. Help me to understand.

I wish I knew. I really did.

I think there are a few things that go into it.

One is that you have uneducated people who aren’t able to think critically about things they hear. They hear things Trump says that fit into a narrative they understand (black people are gangsters, immigrants are drug dealers, etc) and they sound true enough, so they go with it. They don’t bother to think or dig deeper… To listen to new information.

Another thing is you have people who are resistant to this wave of cultural change. They want to vote for people who will keep the status quo and help them feel like they understand and fit in with a society that favors them versus learning to understand a new one.

You also have people who vote on one issue and one issue alone…. Abortion. They’ll vote pro-life no matter what other issues are on the table.

I also think in this particular election the decades of work republicans put in to demonizing Hillary worked.