Hi, i just came across that article headline t…

Hi, i just came across that article headline that said bosses are denying their staff birth control..I’m not American, but can’t ppl just run down to the chemist and pick up some condoms regardless…? Thank you for your time

Thanks for the question.

They can run to get condoms. But they shouldn’t have to.

As a woman I want to be in charge of my own body.

Condoms can break. Men can take the condoms off without letting you know (It’s called stealthing). And if I was raped I probably couldn’t talk my rapist into using one to protect me.

Also, people use birth control for many other medical reasons besides birth control.

But even if I wanted to have lots of sex and prevent myself from getting pregnant by being on the pill…. That’s my personal choice. That’s I choice I make with my doctor. Not with my employer. They don’t get a say in my medical decisions.

I don’t have to explain to anyone why I take the medication I do.
Maybe I take the pill to help my ovarian cysts.
Maybe I take the pill so I can bang guys after a night out.

It’s my body and my choice.

My employer doesn’t get to dictate other parts of my life based on their religious beliefs. They can’t say what I can spend my money on as far as food, music, movies, clothes, etc. Why do they get a say on my medication?