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This is what I am saying, you do not have the right to kill a human whether it is your life or a life of another person.

No, but you also can’t force a person to donate their body.

If you died and either hadn’t chosen or expressly forbidden that your organs be donated they couldn’t use them. They could not use your body to save the life of another person. Even if you were dead and they were no use to you.

Even if you were a perfect match for a person.

Even if that person was a child.

They couldn’t force you to save their life.

Why don’t I get the same rights over my body?

I’ve seen people reply to this that the woman’s choice was to have unprotected sex, knowing that it could make her pregnant. That she could have used any number of contraceptives before, during, or after that choice to ensure she wouldn’t be pregnant. How would you respond to this? It has me stumped…

Contraceptives fail, despite some people’s best efforts. A woman recently had a child while she has an IUD implanted. Condoms break. Even a vasectomy can be ineffective.

Life happens.