Hey! I need your help! My brother is apparentl…

Hey! I need your help! My brother is apparently one of those people who think that women often lie about rape, and that campus believe them, because of a couple of articles from the New Yorker. He says there is a culture of "I believe her" and some poor kids lose access to education because of these girls… His words. I haven't read the articles, but I'm angry because I know the opposite is true more often, do you have any source, articles to prove him this is an exception? Thanks in advance!

Everything I can find is the generally accepted statistic is 90-98% of all rape claims are true. So, the vast majority.

There is a fine line to walk of believing women and creating an environment where they can come forward and also honoring our nation’s creed of “innocent until proven guilty”. People seem to want to jump into one camp or another from the get go.

We need to allow victims, men and women, space and respect to tell their stories while also protecting those that are being accused from an unfair trial. Sometimes it’s hard, but everyone deserves their day in court.

We can’t make exceptions to this rule. If we do, none of us are safe. No one is protected.