Net Neutrality message example


I just wanted to share the message I’ve been sending to both the FCC and to my Representatives (via Resistbot). Feel free to use these if you have trouble coming up with your own.

Hello [Name],
I’m sure you’re getting a whole lot of messages right now, so I’ll keep this short.
You already know that the American people don’t want Net Neutrality to be repealed. You’ve already heard all of the arguments why Net Neutrality is important. You definitely know that this last year has gotten a lot more people to watch their politicians carefully.
Voting to repeal Net Neutrality will be political suicide. Voting to protect Net Neutrality will make you a hero in the eyes of the people.
The American people WANT Net Neutrality. The American people NEED Net Neutrality. Please protect Net Neutrality, because the American DESERVE Net Neutrality.
This is a great time to be a hero.
Thank you. 

And in case you need contact information, here’s the mail addresses for the FCC:

Ajit Pai –

Mignon Clyburn –

Michael O’Rielly – Mike.O’

Brendan Carr –

Jessica Rosenworcel –

And for Resistbot, which sends messages to your Representatives, text RESIST to 50409.