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Can you think of a way men tease, pick on, insult, or belittle other men (friendly or not) that isn’t insinuating they’re female or feminine?
Think about it.

Well that’s kind of the point, if you went to insult most girls you would insinuate they were masculine. It’s kind of how insults work, you tell them they are something that is the opposite of what they are.

That’s not how it works.

I’m encouraged to be stronger, less emotional, more motivated to succeed at work. Emotionally I should be more like a man.

When it comes to looks and sex though, I should be all feminine. Small, petite, submissive. If not I’m undesirable.

Women are only every ridiculed as being masculine when it comes to their looks. As far as behavior we should be less woman like. Be more like a man to succeed because feminine traits aren’t valued at work. Women acting like men are (except when the women is a mother).

But you say an insult is the opposite of what they are…. Why? Why is being feminine SUCH an insult?

Why is being emotional or sensitive or a good cook, or a good parent, feminine and therefore bad?

Why is being strong, and assertive or masculine bad?

Men and women can, and do, possess some or all these traits. We’re just people.

These are personality traits…. Not insults.

Women wear men’s style clothes all the time and no one cares but if a man wears a dress he is ridiculous or trans. Or just pathetic and laughable.

Using plural “you guys” or dude to address a woman doesn’t feel like an insult but calling men gals or ladies is insulting.

Having or showing emotion is considered shameful but if women deny their emotions people admire how stoic and strong they are. Even women are belittled(but excused) for being emotional but a man who gets overtly emotional is considered to be embarrassing himself and other people get really embarrassed for him.

This is just off the top of my head.


Said it better than me.