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I got this ask a few days ago and I’ve been thinking about it because something in the wording bothered me. Then I realized what it was and fixed it.

It’s not that it’s Muslim men abusing women. It doesn’t matter why men are abusing women.

This is not a problem unique to Islam.
This is a problem in every country. I don’t really care what religion the man is or why he’s doing it. He should stop and she is free to live her life freely in a way that doesn’t harm others and it doesn’t matter if she chooses religious attire or not.

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I find it funny that feminist complain about people generalizing women and then they say shit like this about men. You don’t see MRAs saying that women are responsible for child abuse even though statistics show that they commit it at twice the rate of men. How about we just work to end it all and understand why some people are more likely to commit certain types of crime as a scientific excersize without blaming all of something on one demographic?

All I’m saying is I don’t think men should beat women, no matter the reasoning, no matter the religion, no matter what.

I’m assuming you’re a decent enough person to agree.

My point was it doesn’t matter the man’s religion. Not that women are innocent of any and all things.

Have you heard of women beating boys? What should MRAs do about this misandry?

Are you saying that you have no issue with that at all? And mother do abuse their sons more than their daughters, so it is entirely equivalent.

Yes. We’ve heard about it. Have you? Do you hear anything? Move on troll.

I can’t believe a feminist is actually ok with a massive generalization of women.