the-movemnt: Police shooting of Justine Damond leaves…


Police shooting of Justine Damond leaves Minneapolis Black Lives Matters activists conflicted

  • Chauntyll Allen wasn’t sure how to feel on Monday when she traveled to Justine Damond’s memorial site in the affluent South Minneapolis neighborhood known as Fulton.
  • The 43-year-old leader of a Black Lives Matter group in St. Paul, Minnesota, stood near Xerxes Avenue and 51st St. by the late Damond’s home, watching the mostly white residents share remarks about police brutalityand the need for police reform.
  • Many of those same people, she recalled, were nowhere to be found when Allen and her fellow activists were out marching for justice for black police-shooting victims like Philando Castile and Jamar Clark.
  • “Some white people don’t feel the tragedy until one of them is murdered,” Allen told Mic on Wednesday. Read more (7/20/17)

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