the-future-now: Gay dad dating simulator ‘Dream Daddy’ sounds…


Gay dad dating simulator ‘Dream Daddy’ sounds like a joke — but it’s surprisingly earnest

Dream Daddy is a brand-new dating
simulator in which you play a dad trying to romance other hot dads, and
I’m pleased to report it’s much more charming, earnest and goofy than I
expected it to be.

My main source of apprehension stemmed from the fact that Dream Daddy was
produced by Game Grumps, a “Let’s Play”-style YouTube channel with 3.9
million subscribers. It’s run by Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan, both of
whom are known for their over-the-top, juvenile, shock-based senses of
humor. For example, their most recent “best of” video features a clip where one of the two asks the other if he thought he could “stuff tits into [his] asshole.”

to say that I was fearful about whether this game would treat its
same-sex romances with respect is an understatement. However, I’m happy
to report that after playing Dream Daddy for a couple of hours, my fears were (mostly) unfounded. Read more (Opinion)

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