Jessica Williams takes down the patriarchy in ‘The Incredible…

Jessica Williams takes down the patriarchy in ‘The Incredible Jessica James’ trailer

  • Jessica Williams has been on the brink of minor stardom for years. Now, after serving as a correspondent on The Daily Show and co-hosting the popular 2 Dope Queens podcast, it looks like she’s ready to make a major career leap with The Incredible Jessica James.
  • In a new trailer for the film, which hits Netflix July 28, Williams’ charismatic, happily single character attends a baby shower and presents an unborn baby with a book titled The ABCs of Subverting the Patriarchal Paradigm.Between this and her character’s takedown of manspreading in the show’s teaser trailer, it looks like The Incredible Jessica James will have a take-no-prisoners approach to sexism. Read more. (7/14/17, 5:04 PM)