The financial burden of having bigger breasts “Since the eighth…

The financial burden of having bigger breasts

“Since the eighth grade, I grew a cup size every year until college,” Lindsay Handsome, a tax accountant who now considers her bra size to be a 32H, said in an interview. “I would go to Target and buy bras that were really big for me, and then eventually it was like, ‘Well, I guess I can’t do this anymore.’ Then I went to Nordstrom, and someone measured me. I was a 32DDD at that point, and the only option for me were grandma bras that were really fucking expensive.”

How expensive? The minimum was $60 for a single bra, which Handsome says were so large and matronly that she ended up wearing them as swimsuit tops.

Appearances aside, many people in America — and the world — probably relate to Handsome’s story of reaching a bra size for which spending $60 or more on a bra is standard.

That’s because, unlike clothing, for which a larger size doesn’t immediately cost more, larger bras come with an increased financial burden. Bras with cup sizes above a DD and various band measurements are often much harder to find and more expensive than your 32As or 32Bs and 36Cs. Read more (7/13/17)