Small town, big pride: Boise, IdahoBoise, Id. — Residents of…

Small town, big pride: Boise, Idaho

Boise, Id. — Residents of Boise, Idaho, will tell you there are many reasons to love their city: It’s tranquil and urbane, surrounded on all sides by an endless supply of spectacular nature. Its nickname is Tree City, and the word “Boise” itself most likely derives from the French for “woods,” fitting for its quiet, bucolic charm and beautiful old-growth trees. The city is neighborly, full of convivial bars, restaurants, cafes, shops and many neighborhoods where it’s common for residents to rarely lock their doors.

In some ways, the annual Boise Pride celebration reflects that promise of an idyllic lifestyle. At Pridefest, I met one particularly inspiring group of high schoolers, none of whom identified in exactly the same way, from straight to queer and otherwise: the intelligent and empowered Freya; Nola, a sharp athlete who hopes to become a physical therapist; Sarah, a pleasant transplant from upstate New York; Daphne, a jokester with Puerto Rican roots; and thoughtful, artistic, pink-haired Cody. A few of them met for the first time at Pride, where they quickly became friends. Their anti-clique mindset and already expansive identities demonstrate a hopeful openness that bodes well for Boise’s future. Read more (6/30/17)

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