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Trump supporters coax Delta and Bank of America into pulling donations to free Shakespeare plays

  • Since Trump’s election, conservatives are outraged on behalf of Trump — at Kathy Griffin, at the New York Times and at various others who offend the sensibilities of the president’s fans. 
  • Their next target: free Shakespeare plays.
  • Delta Air Lines and Bank of America are dropping their charitable donations to the Public Theater in New York City after Fox News drummed up outrage over a summer production of Julius Caesar.
  • In the production, characters are stylized in modern garb, and the portrayal of Caesar, who is assassinated in the play, has drawn comparisons to President Donald Trump.
  •  The outrage is over what conservatives assert is portrayal of the president being killed.
  • The production of Julius Caesar is part of New York’s celebrated Shakespeare in the Park series, which puts on plays featuring celebrity talent for free.
  •  By pulling funding from the Public Theater, they stop subsidizing access to world-class performances for poor and working-class people. Read more (6/12/17)

Meanwhile, Delta continues to sponsor a theater that depicted Julius Caesar as Obama

  • Thought Delta pulled funding from the Public’s Trump-like Julius Caesar, the airline did not pull its sponsorship from another theater that also depicted a grisly demise of Obama in the same role in the same play.
  • Delta stuck with the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, which mounted a production of the Shakespeare play more than five years ago that depicted Julius Caesar as Obama. 
  • According to Kathy Kukielka, director of Institutional Giving at the Guthrie, the airline was donating anywhere from $100,000 to $249,000 to the theater annually at the time of the production. It continues to donate to the theater at this level. Read more (6/12/17)