Hi! I was wondering wether you thought that having genital/race preferences for partners is okay

I guess it depends on what those preferences are based on. But I think we all have “types” that we’re naturally attracted to. But even if we have types, there are always those people who don’t fit that mold that we find ourselves attracted to as well.



More doesn’t mean many.

The absolute bare minimum of relevant information to go along with this would be to list alongside this, how many female candidates there were.

It goes without saying that I am not surprised in the least that such relevant information is omitted.

According to CNN “There are 234 women running for the House”.


More doesn’t mean many.

Here’s to gearing up for more change.

Anyone else spend their morning explaining the difference between ‘Christmas’ and ‘Christmas Eve’ to a very disappointed and confused 4 year old?


Funding their own wall.